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Calm Sea

Little Shark Fin

Little Swimmers, Big Adventures! 

Hi, I'm Philippa, the owner and founder of Little Shark Fin. A few years ago, (13)  I owned an internet beach cafe in Caloundra, a suburb of the Sunshine Coast. Within this buzzing space of locals and visitors, I sold various brands of swimwear along with souvenirs and beach wears. Often I would get asked "why do none of the swim brands do a long sleeved all in one rashie?". This was a time when only short sleeve rashies were "in". Parents were struggling to find good sun coverage kids swimwear. I searched amongst so many suppliers of swimwear for a range to fulfil this market as asked for by parents from everywhere. At the time, it just wasn’t available.


So began the journey of creating Little Shark Fin!   Answering the call of parents and since having my own son, I fully appreciated the want for parents to protect children from the harshness of the sun and the elements. I created swimwear with 50+spf, long sleeves, super practical for all sorts of water and fun play and in the most gorgeous original prints!

Every print is hand drawn giving a unique fun story to each piece. 


Huge thank you to my sister Stephanie for creating such a wonderful little shark logo. 

After my son was born , I had very little time as I was also owner of another business so "Little Shark Fin" had to take a break but now, we are BACK and with even better products and beautiful designs.

Little Shark Fin as a children's swimwear label would not be what it is today without the support of my now older son who is involved in our little family business. Also, huge inspiration comes from my friend Jojo, the artist behind each artwork creation for the fabrics. As you view each pattern, you will see the whimsical and playful nature, lovingly created for this next chapter of Little Shark Fin.

Meet the Artist - Jojo

It is such a serendipitous moment to be asked to contribute my art to the small business 'Little Shark Fin' owned by my friend Philippa Hayball.
My name is Jojo and creating art has been a huge part of my life – starting out early working in cartoon/animation, things expanded from there. This lead to painting whimsical bears, following on with pen and black archival ink and even digital art too.
I love creating cards with matching wrapping paper, framed whimsical artworks for children's rooms, mostly using the mediums, ink, translucent watercolour paints, acrylics and texture. Perhaps one day, I will do wallpaper and other fabrics too.
I love whimsical, meaningful, spontaneous and a carefree style, all the while trusting that the art will bring forth joy filled ponderings for others. I immerse myself daily in the silence that art allows and welcome 
the unfolding playful images.

Kids Swimwear Sun Protective
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